Legacy World Ultraviolet

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Legacy World Ultraviolet

The Legacy World Ultraviolet, is an effective way to provide safe, bacteria-free, water for your home or office 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems are setting the standards for water disinfection requirements in the industry.


Product Details


  • LED Visual & Audible Alarms
  • 30 Day Replacement Alarm & Countdown Timer
  • Lamp Life Expired Alarm
  • UV Lamp Out Alarm
  • 365 Day Resettable Lamp Life Counter
  • Flow Control
  • Solenoid Valve Connection
  • Sight Port
  • Built in Surge Protector and Fuse
  • 1” & 3/4” Standard Inlet and Outlet
  • Standard Warranty


  • Tasteless & Odorless
  • Eliminates microbiological contaminants without chemicals.
  • Bacteria, viruses and other organisms are destroyed safely inside a factory sealed steel chamber.

Parts Breakdown

  1. Mounting Bracket
  2. Outlet
  3. Site Port
  4. Quartz Sleeve
  5. UV Lamp
  6. Inlet
  7. Quartz Sleeve Stabilizer
  8. Bottom Mounting Bracket
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