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Enjoy your Legacy Steele Alkaline Water Bottle in a Legacy Water Bottle! Made of stainless steel with a removable screw cap.

  • DRINKING ALKALINE IONIZED WATER CAN IMPROVE HEALTH – by removing heavy metals, chemicals, chlorine & chloramine from our water, while increasing essential mineral uptake (iron, zinc, calcium and other beneficial minerals). Metabolism can be improved aiding in weight loss.
  • 304 Food Grade stainless steel, high quality and safe to use, & BPA Free.
  • MICRO-CLUSTERED WATER MOLECULES IMPROVES HYDRATION – micro-clustering means filtration drastically reduces the water molecules in size. This is a huge benefit, as our bodies can now readily absorb water more easily keeping us better hydrated, which will further help restore and invigorate our body on a cellular level.
  • ALKALINE WATER FILTRATION REMOVES FREE RADICALS, ELIMINATES TOXINS, & INCREASES IMMUNITY & ENERGY LEVELS – through powerful antioxidants & high negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential – a measure of the cleanliness of the water & its ability to break down contaminants. Most bottled and tap water has a positive potential, while alkaline water with its negative potential donates extra electrons to neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals on the body.

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