The Legacy World 615 Story

My name is John Anthony, and I am the creator and President of Legacy World 615.  With a background in the bottled water business, I realized that I was contributing to bottle pollution and thought this was not the vision of a business I wanted to be part of.  

I needed to do better for myself as well as for generations to come.  Understanding that you cannot live a fulfilling life without contributing beyond yourself. I wanted to be part of something bigger, so decided to create it, and Legacy was born. 

“I am proud to introduce, the Legacy Water Club, a company created with a heart, fueled by a mission, and inspired by a vision for the future.”

Our Residential & Commercial Water Filtration Systems Provide

Better way to proper hydration while building your immune system

Living with a cause
Eliminating bottle pollution

Cost savings
4 cents a gallon of water

Change your life and make an impact on the world for pennies a gallon.

Help us keep billions of plastic water bottles out of the environment and leave a Legacy for generations to come.