The Legacy World 615 Story

As the creator of my own alkaline bottled water company, I was truly heartbroken when I saw my bottle laying in the street over and over again. It literally stopped me in my tracks, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is not the vision of the business I wanted to be a part of. I needed to do better for myself as well as for generations to come. So, I created an answer to this ever-growing bottle pollution challenge for those who want to live with a cause and also leave a better way for the future.

“I am proud to introduce, Legacy World 615, a company created with a heart, fueled by a mission, and inspired by a vision for the future.”

Our Whole Water Filtration System Provides

Better hydration to build your immune system

Live with a cause not contributing to bottle pollution

Cost savings with a bottle of  water costing only 4 cents a gallon

Help us keep billions of plastic water bottles out of the environment and leave a Legacy for generations to come.


Change your life and make an impact on the world for pennies a gallon.