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The World’s Most Advanced All Natural Non-Electric Alkaline Water Ionizer

Boost your immune system and experience America’s most affordable all-natural alkaline water ionizer with unmatched .02 micron filtration. The proprietary carbon block mineral technology surpasses the pH, ORP, and antioxidant levels of other ionizers with the highest flow rate of any home alkaline water ionizer. Easy installation options allow for quick counter top / under counter installation with plug and play outlets for refrigerator and external faucet. A great-looking affordable design built with filter change reminders, and touch-less germ-free operation. Experience the health benefits associated with drinking clean, pure, Alkaline Antioxidant pH balanced water loaded with natural antioxidants and minerals.

Pure Hydration delivers a revolutionary all-natural approach to water ionization by removing over 220 contaminants, using NO ELECTRICITY, and it does not create a waste water stream.

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pH UNDER is a non-electric, all-natural, compact Alkaline Water Ionizer with the same proprietary four cartridge system as our Pure Hydration Next Generation model.

pH UNDER delivers the same high-quality Alkaline Antioxidant Water loaded with minerals and molecular hydrogen but is specifically designed for under counter installation. The smaller footprint (16” H x 14” L x 6” W) allows for easy installation under most kitchen sinks.

pH UNDER comes with instructions and everything needed for easy and trouble-free installation:

  • Faucet (Brushed Nickel or Chrome)
  • Angle-stop connector
  • Tubing
  • Full set of cartridges
  • Stand

Installation is simple. Locate a hole on your sink (a knock-out or soap dispenser) or drill a ½” hole at the desired location for the faucet. Install the faucet in desired location. Install angle stop connector to your cold-water supply valve and connect to pH UNDER with supplied tubing. Connect pH UNDER to drinking water faucet with supplied tubing and you’re done!

You can enjoy 9.0-9.5 rated Alkaline water with 0.02 Micron Ultra-Filtration. The faucet makes it easy to get the most of your Ultra-Filtered water, good for cooking, washing fruits and vegetables and of course drinking.

The Ultra-filtration removes harmful contaminants such as Lead, Arsenic, and viruses from your water. Other ionizers can cost thousands of dollars without any filtration, but our all-natural process brings filtered water straight to your table at fractions of the cost. Better skin, digestive health, muscle recovery and immune boosting is right at your fingertips.

* NOTE: Source water quality plays a significant role in any water ionizer’s performance and can increase and decrease pH ratings, ORP reduction, molecular hydrogen count, and rated filter life.


  • Ionization Type Mineralization using natural earth elements
  • Filter Life 6-months (2,300 liters for average family of four people)
  • Filter Micron Rating .02 micron
  • pH Range 0-9.5 pH depending on source water
  • ORP Range -400 mv – -700 mv
  • Hydrogen Production 1,000 ppb – 1,500 ppb depending on source water
  • Flow Rate 1 liters per minute
  • Water Temperature 39º F (4º C) to 95º F (35º C)
  • Size 16″ H x 14″ W x 6″ D (36cm H x 20cm W x 36cm D)
  • Weight 9.0 lbs.

We are confident that our customers will love the quality and health benefits found in drinking Pure Hydration Alkaline Antioxidant Water that we proudly offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! Simply try pH UNDER for 15-days and if your not fully satisfied, simply return the unit for a full refund less the actual cost for original shipping and handling. Terms

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Faucet Finish

Chrome Faucet, Brushed Nickel Finish

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