7300 Commercial Series 1 Touch

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The Legacy World 615 7300 Series 1Touch Screen Softener is an effective way of removing unwanted dissolved contaminates for large residential or light commercial needs. The stateof-the-art touch screen design allows you to further customize your valve configurations. Legacy World can provide appropriate sizing to achieve variable flow rates in single and multiplex systems.




  •  Modern touch screen control valves
    • WQA certified to meet NSF/ANSI standards
  • High-quality ion exchange resin
    • High capacity
    • WQA certified to meet NSF/ANSI
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polyester mineral tanks
    • Optional polished stainless-steel mineral tanks up to 36
  • Versatile meter Initiated regeneration cycle sequences
  • Complete brine tank and safety float assembly
  • Top mounted valves with optional side mount
  • Unique touch alternate cycle sequencing
  • Valve error log and effortless diagnostics
  •  Manufactured in the USA


  • Skid mounted, pre-piped, pre-wired fabrication
  • Multi-tank system configurations
  • ASME pressure vessels on tanks with 18″ diameter and larger
  • Stainless steel meters from 11/2 – 3′′
  • Inlet/Outlet pressure gauges and sample valves Larger brine tanks
  • Multiple voltage options
  • Master programming lockout
  • Valve life diagnostics and error log history


The pressure vessel is not rated for negative pressure. If there is potential for vacuum, an adequate vacuum  breaker must be installed between the pressure vessel inlet valves. 


System connections to the pressure vessel must accommodate vertical expansion between side, top,  and bottom openings.

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