The most ubiquitous supplemental source of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) is “alkaline ionized water” produced from kitchen countertop water ionizers. More accurately called Alkaline Antioxidant Water when referred to by medical and scientific journals, this water represents one of the most potent antioxidants on earth.

This water is often called “reduced water” due to its reducing, or antioxidant activity, and has been called “micro water” by some commercial vendors due to the fact that the water exhibits a smaller molecule cluster size than “normal” water.

There exist some people who deliberately ingest H2 as a nutritional supplement for the health benefits, primarily its advantages as a primal antioxidant or primeval antioxidant, and one with remarkably low molecular weight and size, allowing it access to many and varied tissues and levels of biochemical activity.

Regardless of the methodology you choose, the important facts to remember are that the reproduction of negatively ionized hydrogen brings us the most powerful antioxidant, a natural alkalizer, an anti-microbial agent, and a way to restore and maintain cellular fluid balance.

The most valuable benefits of seeking out H2 substances are improving health, repairing tissue, reducing pain, increasing energy and reversing aging. The cells and the body as a whole are restored to and kept in the healthiest possible state.

About the Author: Dr. Richard A. DiCenso is a published author, international speaker, and complementary care expert. Dr. DiCenso has over 30 years experience in treating the chronic symptoms of Vicious Cycle disorders (VCD). With his extensive experience in “Whole Person Therapy”, he is the leading authority in Biological Fluid Analysis.